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Alloy Wheels

A set of alloy wheels will improve the appearance of your vehicle and in so doing will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Alloy wheels will reduce the unstrung weight of a vehicle compared to one fitted with standard steel wheels. The benefit of reduced unstrung weight is more precise steering as well as a nominal reduction in fuel consumption.

Alloy is an excellent conductor of heat, improving heat dissipation from the brakes, reducing the risk of brake failure under demanding driving conditions.

Alloy wheels are available in the market in a variety of different designs to suit the structure and outlook of almost any modern-designed car.

Replacing standard steel wheels with alloy wheels is known as "Aftermarket Wheels". Usually a part of an alloy wheel is steel combined with aluminium, magnesium, or other light-weight metals.
Though not standard on many economy cars, because of the heavy pricing, alloy wheels are the most sought-after accessory. Alloy wheels compared to the ordinary steel wheels are much lighter, more attractive and enhance the car price during a resale. The darker side is that they are expensive, hard to process, and prone to corrosion if the shielding coat comes off.

Now, decked in your car, these accessories need some extra care to look fresh and new. Alloy wheels require a certain deal of wheel maintenance, because they are usually prone to rust and dust and should be washed regularly with mild soap water to keep it free from soil and rust to retain their bright and gleaming stance.

Tyres may seem expensive, but you are paying for years of research, testing and compound development, all done in the name of extra performance. They are also the most important modification to make as without a quality tyre all the work that has gone into the suspension and engine cannot be appreciated and driven to its optimum.


When choosing a tyre, consider what you want from it and ensure the tyre fits the bill before you buy. Also try to always opt for tubeless tyres since they are far safer than tube tyres and reduce chances of a blowout at high speeds. Also tubeless tyres improve ride and handling and reduce tyre heating which leads to quicker tyre wear. If you own a performance car, and like to drive it hard, your tyre will need to offer excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, and need to excel under braking. You will only attain these qualities with a good quality branded tyre with the correct speed rating. Cheaper tyres will rarely offer the ultimate grip (wet or dry, handling or braking) needed for safe, fast driving. Fit remolds and you could get embedded in something solid, or worse, hit something soft.

Tyre Wear

If you are replacing tyres after just a couple of thousand miles, your car has a geometry problem which needs sorting before fitting new tyres. With the geometry corrected, your car will handle better and you shouldn't get through tyres so quickly. Tyre alignment and wheel balancing can be done in most major cities across India.

Get this wrong and you will have wasted a lot of money. Offset is critical. As a maximum allow plus or minus 5mm over standard. Ensure the size of rim you're buying will fit under your car's arches. Most rims can be made to fit, but the work involved may put their price out of your reach. As a rule of thumb, upsizing by one inch will cause minimal problems, upsizing by two inches can cause arch scrub, upsizing by three inches and you will definitely be looking at modifying both bodywork and suspension.


Always budget enough money to cover what is needed. Don't forget your alloys will require four low-profile tyres, four new valves, fitting nuts or bolts, fitting and balancing costs, and an increase on your insurance policy. If you want value for money, check out the mega package deals available, you could save yourself hundreds. If you want to keep your rims once they are on, also budget for a set of locking wheel bolts.

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