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Styling is the most pleasing aspect of car modification - spend some money on your car and it will instantly stand out from the crowd. Styling can be very diverse and varies according to taste, from large aggressive spoilers and flashy body graphics to subtle changes in bodylines.


Splitters are aerodynamic spoilers, made from plastic or fiberglass, that bolt on the bottom car's front valance - creating a more aggressive look. Influenced by the Europeans, these are becoming more popular as they are easy to fit and give the car an instant image change.


Spoilers are the aerodynamic wings fitted to the boot or tailgate. Aggressive spoilers have been popular for a while - and the range of styles available is vast. Usually most spoilers are sold as accessories and do not serve any aerodynamic purpose.

Valances are the front and rear bumper sections used on all modern cars. Extreme valance design is becoming increasingly popular thanks to our American counterparts - who regularly release aggressive kits for the tamest of cars.
Bonnet Vents

Bonnet vents were originally designed to get cool air into and hot air out of, the engine bay on turbo cars. Now more of a styling statement, they come in a huge variety of designs. The days of plundering a Ford parts bin for a pair of RS vents are gone. Vents for styling are now custom designed for the sole purpose of looking good.

Interior styling needs no introduction. Boring beige interiors have long gone. The quality of work and impact has increased massively in recent years. If you intend to do a full makeover, consider the whole picture before you start buying. Start with key things such as steering wheel, gear-stick and hand brake, insuring their style follows a single direction. Try and perfectly match colors - get your dealer to get hold of the color codes on anything leather, this will help when time comes for a re-trim.

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